Environment and Community

As natives of the Sonoran Desert, we are uniquely aware of the sensitive relationship between our business practices and the surrounding environment. We are committed to minimizing our water usage during production and to recycling all office and production waste products.

Our Products

It begins with our products. We make all of our planters and receptacles from cast concrete, a time-honored durable material. We use a by-hand casting process, instead of a motorized batch plant. We mix individual concrete batches for each piece and fill each mold by hand. This allows us to make an extremely dense concrete mix that uses less water, requires little electricity and results in minimal waste.

98% of the materials used in our Standard Mix are extracted within a 500-mile radius of our facility. We use fly ash (a recycled post-industrial material that is a by-product of coal-fired electric generating plants) to replace 20 percent of the Portland cement in our mix. Fly ash also helps reduce the amount of water in the mix.

We design our products for a long life of use in high-traffic areas and harsh environmental conditions. Our Standard Mix has a psi of 6000 (pounds per square inch), far above the industry standard of 3500. Moreover, at the end of use, cast concrete is 100% recyclable.

Our Company

At Kornegay Design®, we work together to minimize waste and recycle whenever possible. We recycle all concrete waste, concrete bags, sand and office materials. Despite our continued growth, we have reduced our waste by 50% since 2007.

Creating a healthy work environment for our staff is a company priority. We provide excellent health insurance, paid holidays, vacations, sick and personal days.

Kornegay Design® is a corporate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, member of the Arizona Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and contributor to the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF). In 2009, the Arizona Chapter of the ASLA honored co-owner Paula Kornegay with the Friend of Arizona Landscape Architecture award.

Kornegay Design® is pleased to donate planters to many charitable fundraising events throughout Arizona and supports several community organizations with financial donations.