Kornegay Design® Introduces The Maple-Pile Seating Series

(Phoenix, Arizona) — “In sculpture I often explore movement and structure through repetition of form,” says Larry Kornegay, artist and designer of an award-winning line of cast concrete site furnishings. There is emotional stability in a repeating module that moves through space and creates an endless pattern.”

Kornegay’s concept is realized in the repetitive pattern, fabricated in wood, of the Maple-Pile Seating Series, which is comprised of a long form (84” x 21” x 17”) and short form (21” x 21” x 17”).

The Maple-Pile Seating Series is constructed of thermally modified FSC certified red maple with powder-coated steel frame and legs. Kornegay chose this wood for its excellent dimensional stability, sustainability, surface quality, and value. It is also highly resistant to insects through a chemical-free treatment process. “Think of wood that is prematurely petrified; it is harder, more stable, and water repellant,” the designer adds.

The introduction of a furniture product made of wood and metal, is a departure for the company, whose elegant concrete landscape containers are a favorite choice of many architects and landscape architects. Applicable for exterior and interior spaces, the Maple-Pile Seating Series is suitable for sculpture gardens or museum galleries.

For further information on this product please contact us. Addition of this product to the company web site is in progress and is schedule for the first week of January 18, 2013.


Nat Smith | Landscape Forms

Karen Brooking | bde