Kornegay Design® Introduces The Ribbed Series Receptacles

(Phoenix, Arizona) — Following his desire to create site furnishings that enhance architectural sites and the surrounding landscape, Larry Kornegay has introduced the Ribbed Series Ash and Trash Receptacles to Kornegay Design®’s line of cast concrete site furnishings.

Not surprisingly, Kornegay Design® clients have already begun to use the receptacles as landscape containers as well. Larry stated, “Only, after the first castings came out of the mold did we realize that they also make great landscape containers.”

Their design corresponds with the company’s popular Ribbed Series landscape containers. The trash receptacle features a spun aluminum dome-top, and holds a heavy-duty 32-gallon plastic garbage can that is equipped with handles, for easy removal. The ash receptacle has a spun aluminum tray insert. Metal components can be specified in clear or colored powder-coated finishes, and are fitted with security chains. The concrete forms are available in a wide-spectrum palette of integral pigments as well as natural concrete.


Nat Smith | Landscape Forms

Karen Brooking | bde