Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) Founders’ Award (2016)

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Kornegay Design®, a Phoenix-based landscape architectural design and manufacturing company, is proud to have been chosen to design and collaborate on a unique and unprecedented award for the Landscape Architecture Foundation.

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) Founders’ Award is an award that is conveyed to a firm, agency, or organization that demonstrates a significant commitment to preserving, creating, or enhancing landscapes over a sustained period of time. The award may be given to landscape architecture groups, but is not limited to the profession.

The most recent edition of this reward was designed by Larry Kornegay, a sculptor of sustainable material inspired by nature and fine architecture.

“The seed and pod approach to this award expresses the need for constant vigilance and nurturing of the environment around us.”- Larry Kornegay

The first recipient of LAF’s Founder award is the American Society of Landscape Architects. According to Awards Committee Chair Dennis Carmichael, FASLA,

“Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects is the first organization in the world to promote the practice and ethics of landscape architecture as a profession. ASLA serves as the premier advocacy and educational forum for landscape architects, with its core vision to lead design and stewardship of land and communities.” –Dennis Carmichael

The award is given in conjunction with the LAF Medal. This award is conveyed to a landscape architect for distinguished work over a career in applying the principles of sustainability to landscapes. This year’s recipient is Grant Jones, FASLA.

Both awards are made annually, with the winners announced and honored at an LAF dinner in the spring. The awards will be given out each year, over a ten-year period.

The Founder’s Award was created in collaboration with a number of artisans:

Designed by Larry Kornegay

Nicomia Custom Design + Fabrication (seed and pod patterns and pod mold); Eastern Products Foundry, Inc (bronze seed); Tuomisto Bell Studio/Foundry (bronze patina); Tempe Trophy (etched text); Larry Kornegay (concrete base)

Photo Credit for award: Bill Timmerman

For more information on the LAF Founders’ Award, its contributors and the Landscape Architect Foundation, visit:


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