Leaf Rush Bench

  • Leaf Rush Bench - Concrete Site Furnishings Medium

Leaf Rush Bench

Precast concrete bench with brushed stainless steel frame. Available in (1) size.


  • Seat Pattern
    • Approximately 2/3 of bench seat with eucalyptus leaf fossil pattern; other third polished concrete appearance
  • Concrete Color
  • Optional
    • Site fixable hardware
  • Notes
    • Site levelers included
    • Interior or exterior application
    • Upcharges will apply for colors, sandblasting, sealer, and extra drain holes

In 2000, Larry Kornegay designed the Leaf Rush Bench exclusively for Kornegay Design®, a Landscape Forms® company.



LRB: 54" len. 18" wid. 17" height 200 lb.

Weight is approximate


Leaf Rush Bench - Concrete Site Furnishings Schematic