Dune Series Litter Receptacle

Artistic Integrity that Belies Humble Function

An organically windswept form with an elegant, curvilinear rim, the Dune Series Litter Receptacle demonstrates Larry Kornegay’s mastery of precast concrete as a sculptural medium. Dune’s wide rim offers a cross-section look into the fine quality of Kornegay’s cast concrete surfaces. This smooth, uniform texture is the result of a manufacturing method in which only enough concrete used to fill each mold is mixed, and the molds are filled and tended by hand—a production process that sustainably limits water usage and minimizes waste.

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Dune Litter Receptacle Product Details

At 38” tall with a 38” diameter, Dune Series Litter Receptacles are hard-wearing precast concrete litter containers designed for high-traffic public outdoor spaces. Nested inside the sweeping, curvilinear rim is a clear powder-coated spun aluminum lid with option for an ash disposal channel. Metal components are fitted with security chains. A 32-gallon heavy-duty plastic can liner is also included. The Dune Series is available in 9 standard colors, with additional color mixing available, and can be finished in a bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications) or sandblast finish.

Product Specs

Product ID Height Diameter Base Weight
DS-TR 38 ″ 38 ″ 23 ″ 1,415 lbs.
DS-TRA 38 ″ 38 ″ 23 ″ 1,415 lbs.
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All weights are approximate.

Dune Litter Receptacle Scale Art


  • Concrete Color
  • Finishing
    • Sandblast finish
  • Lids
    • Model DS-TR is a litter only lid
    • Model DS-TRA is a litter lid with an ash disposal channel
  • Notes
    • A 32-gallon heavy-duty plastic litter can is included
    • Metal components fitted with security chains
    • Matching Dune Landscape Containers
    • Contact us for CSI specifications
    • Prices vary based on color, sandblasting, sealer and extra drain holes

In 2007, Larry Kornegay designed the Dune Litter Receptacle exclusively for Kornegay Design, a Landscape Forms company.


  • ash

  • dune

  • graphite

  • gray

  • palomino

  • sandstone

  • silver

  • terra

  • willow

Dune Litter Receptacle Line Art

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