Nutshell Series Planters

The Natural World in a Nutshell

Nutshell Series sculptural precast concrete landscape containers feature an intricately organic surface pattern. This branching, undulating texture reflects patterns found in many different aspects of the natural world to elegantly complement native landscaping. “Contrary to its name, the inspiration for this piece actually came from patterns I noticed in erosion,” describes Larry Kornegay. “Growing up near Globe-Miami, Arizona, we used to explore sections of mining tailings that had been eroded to form a craggy, scoured topography. So, Nutshell actually came from me looking back on those memories and channeling those patterns I found so beautiful. It was only after I finished sculpting the pieces that someone said ‘Hey, that looks like a walnut!’ And the name stuck.”

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Nutshell Product Details

The Nutshell Series are round landscape containers with detailed nutshell-like surface. Two sizes, ranging from 13.5” to 22” tall and 28” to 48” in diameter, can stand alone or work together as an installation. The planters ship with the standard 2-⅜” diameter drainage hole, or custom hole to function with irrigation & drainage plumbing. The Nutshell Series is available in 9 standard colors, with additional color mixing available, and can be finished in a bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications) or sandblast finish.

Product Specs

Product ID Height Diameter Base Weight
NS-13.5 13.5 ″ 28 ″ 10 ″ 215 lbs.
NS-22 22 ″ 48 ″ 16.5 ″ 1,120 lbs.
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All weights are approximate.

Nutshell Scale Art


  • Drainage
    • Standard diameter hole: approximately 2-3/8″
    • Custom size to function with irrigation & drainage (note size of plumbing fixture to be used)
  • Concrete Color
  • Finishing
    • Bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications)
    • Sandblast finish
  • Notes
    • Contact us for CSI specifications
    • Prices vary based on color, sandblasting, sealer and extra drain holes

In 2001, Larry Kornegay designed the Nutshell Series exclusively for Kornegay Design, a Landscape Forms company.


  • ash

  • dune

  • graphite

  • gray

  • palomino

  • sandstone

  • silver

  • terra

  • willow

Nutshell Line Art

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