Kornegay Design® Introduces The Cirque® Series

(Phoenix, Arizona) – Endeavoring to elevate the basic cylinder shape was the mission artist and designer Larry Kornegay chose to fulfill in the Cirque® Series. A practitioner of understated design, Kornegay always seems to find his answer in nature.

The Cirque® Series containers are comprised of 24 facets; the planes circle the form in 15-degree increments. This arrangement is kindred to the earth’s rotation that moves around its own axis at 15 degrees each hour, completing the cycle in 24 hours with one rotation.

Light energizes the Cirque® surface as the series of facets are illuminated in a gradation from light to dark shades of value. The graceful tapering of the container base suggests a pedestal foundation. A tactile and visual treat is caressing the facets on the slanted rim and discovering that they continue to the bottom of the container’s interior, bringing life to the inside as well as the outside.

The Cirque® Series consists of three sizes of landscape containers, with one container having a two-fold duty as a matching litter receptacle for the group.

With the addition of the Cirque® Series, Kornegay Design® now offers 11 distinctive styles of cast concrete landscape containers. As well as 3 litter receptacles. All products are made with the intent of providing beauty and long-term structural integrity in extreme weather and public sites.


Nat Smith | Landscape Forms

Karen Brooking | bde