Kornegay Design® Introduces The Mex Bold Series

(Phoenix, Arizona) — “Classic, yet contemporary; bold, yet understated” This is how designer and sculptor Larry Kornegay describes the Mex Bold Series. The fourth addition to the Kornegay Design® line of cast concrete site furnishings, the Mex Bold Series offers strong form in a classical design.

The unsurpassed level of craftsmanship inherent in all Kornegay Design® products is showcased once again with the Mex Bold Series. The planter’s unyielding yet luxurious surface displays the sensual properties of concrete, while a striking relay of crisp edges and sharp angles cover the planter’s exterior.

All Kornegay Design® cast concrete site furnishings are made with the intent of providing long-term value and beauty, and to withstand extreme weather environments as well as heavy pedestrian traffic.


Nat Smith | Landscape Forms

Karen Brooking | bde