Kornegay Design® Introduces The Quartz Series

(Phoenix, Arizona) — Phoenix-based Kornegay Design®, LLC introduces the Quartz Series landscape containers to their product line of finely crafted pre-cast concrete site furnishings. Designer Larry Kornegay found inspiration for the design in the colored quartz crystals inherited from his father, Lee Kornegay.

Dynamic intersecting planes comprise the six faceted sides of each of the four containers in the series — gesture is perceived as a result of the complex interplay of light and shadow producing an alternating display of crisp and soft edges. The Quartz Series containers are quirky and fun yet sophisticated. To complement the nature of the Quartz Series, Larry Kornegay has custom-mixed integral concrete pigments in crystal-inspired hues.

Kornegay Design®’s cast concrete site furnishings are distinguished by their beautiful design, fine craftsmanship, and luxuriously smooth surface quality. These containers are heavy, with weights of up to 2200 pounds, a characteristic Larry Kornegay doesn’t apologize for. He says, “We make these with the intent of providing long-term value and beauty, they need to withstand extreme weather environments and heavy pedestrian traffic.”


Nat Smith | Landscape Forms

Karen Brooking | bde