Agave Series Planters

Art Deco Elegance Rooted in the Sonoran Soul

Based on a deep affinity for the desert landscape, and culled from a lifetime of dramatic architectural imagery, the Agave Series is a distinctly original precast concrete landscape container designed by Larry Kornegay. Described by Larry as “mechanically-organic,” the Agave Series is simple in structure and repetitive in form—a contemporary classic well suited for any environment.

A Striking Pattern Two Years in the Making

“Agave is the series that took me absolutely the longest, spending two years to translate the vision I had in my head to a final working concept,” recalls Larry Kornegay. “Fortuitously, the light bulb moment came as I was traveling through Yuma, AZ. Seeing the characteristic precision and repetition in the Art Deco architecture of Yuma’s old hotels, something clicked—that was the inspiration I needed to finally land on a design for the Agave Series that I was satisfied with.”

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Agave Product Details

The Agave Series are round landscape containers with a stylized surface pattern. Agave containers are available in three different sizes ranging from 13.5″ to 22.5″ tall, 24″ to 48″ in diameter. The containers ship with the standard 2-⅜” diameter drainage hole, or custom hole to function with irrigation & drainage plumbing. The Agave Series is available in 9 standard colors, with additional color mixing available, and can be finished in a bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications) or sandblast finish.

Product Specs

Product ID Height Diameter Base Weight
AS–13.5 13.5 ″ 24 ″ 15.75 ″ 250 lbs.
AS-18 18 ″ 36 ″ 27.5 ″ 630 lbs.
AS–22.5 22.5 ″ 48 ″ 39.6 ″ 1460 lbs.
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All weights are approximate.

Agave Scale Art


  • Drainage
    • Standard diameter hole: approximately 2-3/8″
    • Custom size to function with irrigation & drainage (note size of plumbing fixture to be used)
  • Concrete Color
  • Finishing
    • Bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications)
    • Sandblast finish
  • Notes
    • Prices vary based on color, sandblasting, sealer and extra drain holes

In 2012, Larry Kornegay designed the Agave Series exclusively for Kornegay Design, a Landscape Forms company.


  • Ash White

  • Dune

  • Graphite
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Natural Gray

  • Palomino

  • Sandstone

  • Silver Smoke
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Terra Cotta

  • Willow Green

Agave Line Art

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