Masaru Series Planters

Celebrating Beauty in the Reality of Life

“The quality we call beauty always arises from the reality of life,” is a philosophy shared by Larry Kornegay and his late friend, Masaru Kawasaki (1949-2007). To honor this friendship, Larry Kornegay created the Masaru Series—four beautifully crafted concrete landscape containers that recall their shared love of vintage galvanized washtubs. “From the point of view of beauty,” says Kornegay, “this shape brings to mind a distinct, colloquial language and an activity common to all humanity.”

“Masaru was a genteel, cultured and humble man,” Larry Kornegay says of the gardener, master tree pruner and fellow artist. “Masaru lived simply but well. There was nothing superficial about him. He believed inner beauty created outer beauty in terms of aesthetics. That’s the kind of person he was too.” This sense of humility and integrity of aesthetics is evident in the design of the Masaru Series—the pieces are designed not to call attention to themselves as objects, but to contribute to the refined subtleties of shifting light and shadow in a landscape.

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Masaru Product Details

The Masaru Series are four elegant and understated precast concrete containers, which range in height from 18.5″ to 45.5” and 30” to 60” in diameter. The pieces are scored with subtle horizontal bands and have distinct, sloping rims with fluid, sculptural edges. The planters ship with the standard 2-⅜” diameter drainage hole, or custom hole to function with irrigation & drainage plumbing. The Masaru Series is available in 9 standard colors, with additional color mixing available, and can be finished in a bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications) or sandblast finish.

Product Specs

Product ID Height Diameter Base Weight
MS-18.5 18.5 ″ 60 ″ 51 ″ 1,555 lbs.
MS-21.5 21.5 ″ 30 ″ 20 ″ 445 lbs.
MS-27.5 27.5 ″ 45 ″ 32 ″ 1,135 lbs.
MS-45.5 45.5 ″ 42 ″ 28.75 ″ 1,360 lbs.
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All weights are approximate.

Masaru Scale Art


  • Drainage
    • Standard diameter hole: approximately 2-3/8″
    • Custom size to function with irrigation & drainage (note size of plumbing fixture to be used)
  • Concrete Color
  • Finishing
    • Bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications)
    • Sandblast finish
  • Notes
    • Prices vary based on color, sandblasting, sealer and extra drain holes

In 2008, Larry Kornegay designed the Masaru Series exclusively for Kornegay Design, a Landscape Forms company.


  • Ash White

  • Dune

  • Graphite
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Natural Gray

  • Palomino

  • Sandstone

  • Silver Smoke
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Terra Cotta

  • Willow Green

Masaru Line Art

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