Quartz Series Planters

Dynamic Display of Light and Shadow

Intersecting planes comprise the six faceted sides of each of the four landscape containers in the Quartz series. A unique gesture is perceived as a result of the interplay between light and shadow producing an alternating display of crisp and soft edges. The Quartz Series containers are quirky and fun, yet still maintain an elegant and sophisticated presence. The series is distinguished by its beautiful design, fine craftsmanship and luxuriously smooth surface quality.

Inspiration Found Close to Home

Designer Larry Kornegay found inspiration for the design in the colored quartz crystals inherited from his father, Lee Kornegay. “I always loved his quartz crystals the most,” describes Larry Kornegay. “I loved how most had six sides, and with each 1/6 of a rotation, they looked completely different. This is the quality I wanted the Quartz Series to have—six completely different silhouettes descending on the viewing angle.”

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Quartz Product Details

Dynamic intersecting planes inspired by the crystalline structure of quartz minerals resonate deeply with both modern architecture and the natural world. Quartz Series precast concrete planters are available in four sizes, ranging from 27” to 45” in height and 26.5” to 43” in diameter. The commercial landscape containers ship with the standard 2-⅜” diameter drainage hole, or custom hole to function with irrigation & drainage plumbing. The Quartz Series is available in 9 standard colors, with additional color mixing available, and can be finished in a bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications) or sandblast finish.

Product Specs

Product ID Height Diameter Base Weight
QS-27 27 ″ 26.5 ″ 23.5 ″ 490 lbs.
QS-30 30 ″ 43 ″ 34 ″ 825 lbs.
QS-39 39 ″ 40 ″ 36.5 ″ 950 lbs.
QS-45 45 ″ 28 ″ 24 ″ 1,055 lbs.
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All weights are approximate.

Quartz Scale Art


  • Drainage
    • Standard diameter hole: approximately 2-3/8″
    • Custom size to function with irrigation & drainage (note size of plumbing fixture to be used)
  • Concrete Color
  • Finishing
    • Bituminous sealer (suggested for interior applications)
    • Sandblast finish
  • Notes
    • Prices vary based on color, sandblasting, sealer and extra drain holes

In 2006, Larry Kornegay designed the Quartz Series exclusively for Kornegay Design, a Landscape Forms company.


  • Ash White

  • Dune

  • Graphite
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Natural Gray

  • Palomino

  • Sandstone

  • Silver Smoke
    (Iron Oxide)

  • Terra Cotta

  • Willow Green

Quartz Line Art

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