Solution Category: Planters


Square Planter

Graceful lines and a subtle return at the base show the commitment to fine design and beauty in simplicity.


Ribbed Planter

The first series designed, has become a perennial favorite across a wide variety of architectural contexts.


Quartz Planter

A result of the interplay between light and shadow, this planter produces a display of crisp and soft edges.


Paseos Planter

Designed by Claudia Issa, Paseos are public scale site amenities that embody an intriguing juxtaposition of balance, motion and rotation with the boldness, durability and stability of precast concrete.


Offset Planter

Softly architectural, graceful and refined, Offset is a public scale, cast concrete landscape container series for Kornegay Design by ceramicist Ian McDonald.


The silhouettes are elemental, universally known and don’t belong to just one era, culture, or region.

Mex Bold

MexBold Planter

The Mex Bold planters unyielding yet luxurious surface displays the unique tactile properties of concrete.


Masaru Planter

“The quality we call beauty always arises from the reality of life,” is a philosophy shared with Masaru Kawasaki.


Larkspur Planter

An unsurpassed level of design, sophistication and craftsmanship is the basis for these Larkspur planters.


Dune Planter

The rhythmic imagery created by desert sand dunes is the inspiration behind Dune’s contour and form.


Cirque Planter

Cirque’s 24 facets correspond with the 24 hours in a day to interact dynamically with changing light.


Aspect Planter

Fine details like a shadow line at the base of this planter speaks to its modest elegance and refined sensibility.


Agave Planter

Simple in structure and repetitive in form—a contemporary classic well suited for any environment.